Who's Participating?


This map represents the involved institutions with RRCoP. Leadership is noted by black stars, advisory board by blue buildings, and general community members are noted with a red dot.

Advisory Institutions

These institutions have committed to participating in the assessment of the value of the RRCoP, providing feedback, and early vetting of materials:

* Project Leadership

Resource & Integration Partners

A Community of Communities - Strategic Fit

RRCoP spans multiple stakeholder domains and bridges between other existing communities. 

RRCoP brings the most value by overlapping through many diverse other communities that share parts of the complete workflow of regulated research.

Help make this community of communities stronger! Are there other communities of alignment? Send suggestions to info@regulatedresearch.org.

Broad Range of Involved Roles

RRCoP's fit is connecting at sharing out from maybe roles that are involved in the entire workflow of regulated research management