Regulated Research Community of Practice (RRCoP)

NSF # 2201028

Mission of the project

The daily news clearly shows the increasing threat to safety and privacy of data, personal as well as intellectual property. While the requirements such as DFARS 7012, HIPAA, and Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) improve the consistency of data handling between agencies and contractors and grantees, it leaves academic institutions to figure out how to meet such requirements in a cost-effective way that fits the research and education mission of the institution. Most institutions, agencies, and companies act in isolation with one-off contract language to address data security and safeguarding concerns. Even though cybersecurity has a clear and uniform goal of protecting data, a onesize solution does not fit all academic institutions.

By supporting this community with development of a community strategic roadmap, regular discussions and workshops, and a repository of generalized and specific resources for handling regulated research programs RRCoP lowers the barrier to entry for institutions handling new regulations.

Goal 1: Build a Community

The Regulated Research Community of Practice (RRCoP) builds a network of people able to help each other in implementing an affordable but effective cybersecurity and compliance program at academic institutions.

Goal 2: Collect and Share Resources

Establish a leadership training and development program accelerating availability of distributed university resources.

Goal 3: Advocate and Negotiate

Develop representation through strategic partnerships with industry and government entities.

Goal 4: Manage Change

The Department of Defense modified the DFARS clause to mandate that NIST 800-171 be followed for data classified and marked as CUI in 2017. The next evolution of this program, CMMC, has already undergone significant changes now called CMMC 2.0. Other agencies, for example, Department of Education, have indicated that they are considering following a similar path to safeguard data.

Goal 5: Simplify Compliance

A collective and streamline approach to compliance lowers the barrier to entrance for expansion of supported regulations by individual institutions.


This project is lead by Carolyn Ellis & Erik Deumens

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