Regulated Research Community of Practice (RRCoP)

NSF # 2201028  & 2409859

Who is RRCoP?

We are research institutions that support research subject to compliance regulations, working together to grow the knowledge pool and produce efficiencies. 

Watch the four minute introduction     [RRCoP Introduction]

Our project deliverables include:

This map represents the involved institutions with RRCoP. We have +300 Institutions. See our partners, stakeholders, and the meaning of the different icons on this map.


Following our Advanced System Security Plan Workshop, the community produced a partially completed SSP built from a new system diagram and 43 controls designed to be a reference when working on your own SSP. [Learn More & Download]

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Recent Events

In these two videos, check out what the experience was from different institutions who did recent C3PAO CMMC Gap Assessments


This project is lead by Carolyn Ellis & Erik Deumens 

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